Granview Farms - Growing Higher Standards

Established in 1966, Granview was initially rooted in traditional forms of farming, logging and livestock – nearly 50 years later it has grown to include numerous companies and partners committed to delivering high quality outdoor living solutions. Granview Farms has a rich history of agricultural best practices driven by high standards of quality and values.

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The Challenge

Granview Farms is considered to be an industry leader in the production of nursery sod, grass seed, plant material and landscape construction in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Granview Farms is a parent company to several successful brands that need to be under the Granview family but maintain their own identity and brand recognition.  Our web designer and information architect came up with a plan that would solidify their brands into one content management system with multiple domains, offering rich content and cross selling capablilities which will maximize SEO and user engagement.

Core Requirements

• Create a single CMS to host and manage multiple domains
• Consistent branding
• Centralized Reference Centre to enhance SEO




Our Solution

Red Sky created a solution using the Drupal Content Management system that provides content for Granview Farms, Musquodoboit Valley Quality Sod and New Brunswick Quality Turf. The similar layouts, shared graphics and interlinking ehance the SEO visibility for all 3 websites.



End Results

Large, bright imagery and easy to read content guides users easily between parent and child brands, providing a sense of comfort and trust. Structured content in the Granview reference centre creates a body of content for search engines to index. Centralized management simplifies editing content. Red Sky is looking forward to bringing more Granview Farms brands into the mulit-website drupal platform!