Website Design

Our Halifax based web design team creates captivating user experiences that engage website visitors and web app users. Red Sky's design process creates harmony between website functionality and graphic design. Our web designers take the time to understand the details and ensure that strong calls to action are presented in a visually pleasing manner across your website.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Red Sky's web development team builds Content Management Systems with the website visitors and administrators in mind. We ensure that every CMS looks great and engages the website visitor while providing a user-friendly experience for your administrative team so they can easily publish or update the contents of your website.


Search Engine Optimization is a must have for any business that relies on the Internet to generate leads. Our Information Architect is an expert in SEO research and strategy. Our Halifax SEO and Marketing team implement practical SEO strategies that work for retail, service area businesses, local or international agencies, public sector, and more.

Social Media

Red Sky offers Social Media Strategies, Social Media Channel Management, and Social Marketing Campaigns. We help our clients determine the best social media channels and usages for their market and in many cases run social marketing campaigns in order to generate brand awareness or new leads. Let our Halifax based marketing experts determine how you can make better use of social media to promote your brand.




Web Apps

Red Sky's design and development team is experienced in building web apps through various delivery methods. Whether you need the Red Sky team to manage the project and build your app from the ground up, integrate with your development team as consultants, or provide white label development service for a 3rd party client; our experienced team provides a seamless set of web app design and development services.

Enterprise Applications

Red Sky has a history of designing and developing Enterprise Applications for the Nova Scotia Government as well as a number of large corporations. These projects have typically used the Oracle Database, Java, and Enterprise Application Suite. Give us a call or forward your RFP if you have Enterprise Application Development needs.


Red Sky has experience in implementing several e-commerce solutions that integrate with Drupal or WordPress websites. One of our experienced IT analysts will help you navigate the many e-commerce options available and ensure the right e-commerce package for your business.

Consulting Services

Red Sky offers Business and IT Consulting Services to many of our clients for a variety of needs. For instance, we perform fit-gap analyses for clients who are looking for the right mobile app or web app to fit their business needs. In many cases, we provide a web developer to augment the staff of our client's IT team. If your business or government agency requires research, design or development consulting, call us to discuss the details.




Web Hosting

Red Sky is proud to offer world class hosting, maintenance and support products and services. Our clients have the piece of mind that their websites, web apps, databases and other assets are hosted in world class facilities. We host Drupal, WordPress, Laravel, and custom php websites and web apps on Amazon Web Services or one of our Canadian partner's Cloud Service depending on our client's needs.

Domain and Email Management

We offer competitive rates on Domain, DNS, Webmail and Outlook email management. Enjoy the reliability of domain and email hosting through Red Sky. We take care of your product renewals and maintenance so that you don't have to worry about your website or email account availability. Contact us to discuss our domain and email products, services, and pricing.

Website Maintenance

We take website security seriously as we know that you rely on your website to generate leads. Many businesses approach us for help after their website is hacked and Google has stopped sending them traffic. Such hacks are often preventable if a knowledgeable server admin is applying updates to the server and website. Red Sky's technical staff have a strong knowledge of Drupal, Wordpress, Laravel, and Linux security. Contact us for more details.


Red Sky offers various Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to cover the varying web hosting support needs of our many clients. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your organizations ongoing support needs to determine whether our SLAs are a good fit. Call us to discuss your web hosting support needs today.