Briar Logistics Limited

Briar Logistics Limited is a third party logistics and load brokerage company. They enable clients to ship cargo all over the world by land, sky, sea, or a combination of all three. Not only does Briar facilitate transportation; they also recommend best practices in transportation mode, route, and timing to optimize cost effectiveness for their customers' supply chain.

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From the Ground Up

Armed with only a logo, Briar Logistics came to Red Sky as a blank canvas in terms of marketing and branding. Through research and diligent fact-checking, we immersed ourselves in the world of big trucks and supply chain solutions. We helped Briar categorize information, choose relevant phography, create a marketing message, and create/edit content. We also created meaningful icons to represent services offered.


Design and Development

With our recently acquired understanding of the third party logistics industry, Red Sky moved forward with design and development. We used corporate colours, strong fonts, and powerful images.



End Results

The result is a clean, professional, and easy-to-navigate website.