The Halifax Regional School Board - Simplified

HRSB's website is massive.  The school board uses the website to communicate with its staff, students, and community through hundreds of pages, forms, and news items.  The old website had become difficult to navigate and equally difficult for administrators to maintain.  HRSB was in desperate need of a modern content management system that could handle large volumes of data, frequent updates, and high volumes of traffic.

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The Challenge

A key requirement of HRSB is to handle extremely large volumes of traffic with excellent page load performance. During snow storms and other inclement weather, tens of thousands of users will navigate the HRSB website simultaneously. It is very important to HRSB that the site continues to perform regardless of the number of users connected. Our team implemented a cache server, content delivery network (CDN) and other performance optimization techniques in order to ensure performance during periods with high user demand.


Our Solution

Our information architect, digital marketing experts, and website designer worked closely with HRSB staff and administrators to understand the complex data hierarchies and navigation paths of the old website.  We determined that the most efficient navigation pathways for the new website would start with the types of users: Teachers, Parents, Students.  By providing obvious pathways for each user type, we were able to recategorize the information into a simplied structure that allows users to quickly find relevant content.



End Results

Our website developers have implemented a dynamic, high performance content management system that allows users to easily navigate their categories of interest. The backend has streamlined the user experience for administrators, allowing them to locate and update content quickly and consistently. The website continuously delivers on performance during traffic spikes and HRSB has since contracted Red Sky for several other projects and initiatives.