Regional Design Awards 2016
Web and Mobile Winner

The Canadian Regional Design Awards (Redgee Awards) is the most comprehensive collection of work from Canada’s professional creative communities ever assembled. Those who win in their division are regarded as the very best in their respective region.  

Red Sky's team is thrilled to showcase their award winning design done for Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation. They won in a category focused on web design and development, which represents their core area of expertise in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation

Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation (NSPSC) is responsible for the administration of public service pension plans across Nova Scotia. NSPSC have several websites that are critical tools used to communicate with their plan members. Their old websites had become dated and were becoming difficult for users to navigate and difficult for NSPSC staff to manage.



Website Architecture

Our website designers and developers have created a user experience that guides Nova Scotia Pension Plan members on their journey to retirement.  We implemented a single Drupal content management system as an engine for five websites - one website for NS Pension and one website for each of the pension plans they oversee.  This provides centralized management and allows for a consistent user experience.

Responsive Design

One of the key requirements for the new NSPSC's websites was to ensure a responsive design.  With the ever-growing technological advances, members are able to access their pension information quickly on their tablets, mobile devices, laptops, and wide screens.