Advice for Life

PharmaChoice is a member-owned cooperative that represents independent pharmacy owners across Canada. Launched in 1999, PharmaChoice empowers independent drug stores to combine professional services with a wide range of competitively priced products adapted to customer needs. The PharmaChoice philosophy is embodied in their slogan “Advice for Life” and they live that promise everyday as an integral part of healthcare in the communities they serve.

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The Challenge

PharmaChoice can be found in over 700 communities all over Canada. Their patients know them for their commitment, friendly services and pharmacy expertise. PharmaChoice was in need of a fresh and intuitive layout that would accommodate their pharmacy services and allow for a focus on their Canada wide members. All back-end functionality was to remain as is, within their existing Drupal website.

Core Requirements

• Increased focus on members store landing pages
• Layout and navigation structure more aligned to industry norms
• Help potential customers learn about their pharmacy services and products



Our Solution

PharmaChoice offers many services and health advice, both in-store and online to their customers. One of the first tasks was to create new navigation and layout that would be logical and an intuitive structure to the site. A clear navigation not only makes the site easy to use for customers, but also helps with SEO.

The new design offers a professional, clean and welcoming online presence – like their stores. Red Sky planned and created images that would represent each essential content grouping, is inviting, and reflects their commitment to their patients.



End Results

Red Sky produced a responsive design for PharmaChoice. This allows customers to visit the website, no matter the device; this also translates into a better overall experience with the PharmaChoice brand. The colour scheme of the site was based off of the PharmaChoice brand standards. The limited color use with white space gives a clean, professional and welcoming feeling to visitors.