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WCL Bauld, founded in 1947, is among the most trusted insurance brokerages located in Nova Scotia. Their clients value the benefits of dealing with a local, family run insurance broker. Building long term relationships with and providing superior service to their business insurance and personal insurance clients continues to be their priority. WCL Bauld's innovative and personalized insurance strategies reflect a commitment to their community and neighbours.

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The Challenge

Create a strong online presence, increase leads through inbound marketing channels, and create a user freindly website to support outbound marketing channels.  

Our web designer and digital marketing experts were asked to design a new website that would: reinforce the WCL Bauld brand across inbound and outbound marketing channels, create a user experience that would allow business and personal clients to easily find relevant website content, and increase the number of inbound leads.

Core Requirements

• Bold and engaging design
• Enhanced Search Engine Optimization
• Social Media Management



Our Solution

Red Sky teamed up with WCL Bauld to create a modern website design that highlights their long running brand while appealing to their target audience.  The design is engaging, features strong calls to action, and allows users to filter the various insurance options they are interested in.  Our social media experts have created a marketing strategy that is engaging WCL Bauld's target market by driving potential leads to their website. 




End Results

WCL Bauld is proud of their new online presence that strongly represents their brand and level of quality.  Since launching the new marketing strategy, the results are speaking for themselves as website traffic and user engagement are on the rise.