Red Sky IT Solutions is dedicated to sustainable business practices that protect our environment and promote the prosperity of our community. We strive to make our clients websites sustainable.

No. 1


The easier content is to find, the fewer pages a user has to load to locate information. This means fewer server requests are made and that unnecessary page elements — like photos and videos, which take up a lot of bandwidth — don’t load, either. These small energy savings accumulate over time.

No. 2

Performance Optimization

Sustainability and page speed go hand in hand. When your website runs more efficiently, you use less processing power, which means that your site uses less energy and will have a lower carbon footprint. Your customers expect to get the content they want instantaneously, and efficient pages load more quickly, reducing your site's bounce rate and keeping customers engaged and satisfied.

No. 3

Design & User Experience

Sustainable design is design that is efficient and accessible. Creating good experiences for both mobile and desktop users improves accessibility because it makes it easy for people to access your site no matter what hardware they have. Mobile first web design also helps you avoid loading large assets designed for desktop machines, which improves your site's speed and energy efficiency.

No. 4

Other Green Practices

The environment and sustainability were one of the design factors in our new office. Large opening windows allow us to use the sun to heat as much as possible. Opening the windows avoids using the air conditioner during the spring and fall. All lights are LED. Other simple things also make a big difference when everyone does them: turning out the lights at night, printing only when required, upgrading computers instead of replacing them.